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Program 2014

The 2 Days Conference will be on 24 and 25 November 2014.
Location: Dubai World Trade Center - Hall 5

Check the program details below 

A pre-conference workshop will be held on 23 November 2014 - 13:00 to 17:00
For the workshop details and registration click Here. 

24 November 2014

Opening Ceremony and Keynotes speeches
Keynote Speaker
Speakers:H.E. Majed Almesmar, Deputy Director General for TRA UAEPresentation:N.A.
Mr Ebrahim Al Haddad, ITU Regional DirectorPresentation:N.A.
Dr Suleiman Al-Hedaithy, Chairman FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
UAE Ignite – From FTTH to a Smart Nation
Setting the scene - What are we aiming for?

The UAE government has a strategy to transform Dubai City and the UAE into a smart nation – with several initiatives to create smart services in order to provide a better quality of life for residents.

This section will explore how FTTH is helping generate revenues and driving the intelligence at the heart of smart cities and developments.  It will focus on the key aspects such as day to day life, transportation, the economy, governance and the environment.

Moderator:Dr Suleiman Al-Hedaithy, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Osman Sultan, DUPresentation:N.A.
Dr Aisha Bin Bishr, Smart Dubai - Executive OfficePresentation:N.A.
Ghazi Atallah, NexGen GroupPresentation:N.A.
Abdulla Hashim, Etisalat Presentation:N.A.
Coffee Break and Exhibition Networking
The Role of Regulation and PPP in Current and Future FTTH investments
Creating the right legal and financial environment

In order to support investments into FTTH, this section will show the best directives and studies to ensure a fair FTTH market on national level with equal access and quality of service for all.
It will also highlight the initiatives to help protect the current and future investments, while creating connected nations through private public partnerships to maximise the socioeconomic benefits (including e-learning, e-health services, e- government, e-commerce,..etc.)

Moderator:Faris Awartani, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Stefan Stanislawski, Ventura NextPresentation:Stefan_NBNpoliciesMENA.pdf
Brahim Ghribi, Alcatel-Lucent Presentation:N.A.
The Business Case for FTTH - Lessons and challenges of FTTH to make the right investment choices
Building the business case that works

Achieving a business case for FTTH is challenging and finding the right balance for fibre in the overall telecoms infrastructure is the key for many operators.  What are the right choices in developing successful ultrafast broadband networks? 

This section will consider how to choose the right strategy and the different financial aspects to create the right business model to underpin this.  It will also consider the deployment strategies and product/service/price definition that sit at the heart of the business case. 

Moderator:Richard Jones, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Said Al-Mandhari, OBC OmanPresentation:OBC_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Ali AlKaff, EtisalatPresentation:N.A.
David Campbell, QnbnPresentation:DavidCampbell_FTTHMena2014.pdf
Lunch Break & Exhibition Networking
Monetising an FTTH network
Making money from the network - what are the applications that will drive the revenues for a fibre based operator

People buy services rather than technology. This section will look at the innovative new services and applications with focus on what will work in the real world and predicting the challenges for operators in deploying these services including traditional media and new content.

Moderator:Danny Chami, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers: Nawar Atassi, EricssonPresentation:Ericsson_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Ben Haylock, Intigral Presentation:Ben_Intigral_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Nasser A Abayed, EtisalatPresentation:N.A.
Coffee Break & Exhibition Networking
Deploying Fiber into the Home
Industry latest trends for FTTH deployment – what are the latest FTTH solutions and innovations to deploy Fiber to the homes and in the homes (Gold Sponsors)

FTTH is offering far greater speeds and quality of service than any other technology, delivering opex savings for operators and symmetric services for users.  This section will showcase the industry’s latest innovations and solutions for Fiber to the Home including the fiber deployment in the home

Moderator:Christine Beylouni, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers: Alessandro Pirri , PrysmianPresentation:Pirri-Retractables_TTHMENA2014.pdf
Jason Pedder, OFSPresentation:Jason-OFS_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Eric Festraets, Alcatel-LucentPresentation:Eric_ALU-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Abdulla Alwassil,TE ConnectivityPresentation:TEConnectivityFTTHMENADubai2014.pdf

25 November 2014

A Smart Future with FTTH
Smart Cities....What they need, what works and what doesn't

With a focus on the telecoms aspects of smart cities, this session will consider the needs for FTTH, how smart cities are supported by fibre and how different business models will provide different opportunities in smart cities and smart developments.


Moderator:Richard Jones, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:Richard_SmartCities_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Speakers:Marc Jadoul, Alcatel-LucentPresentation:ALU_Marc-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Shajahan Iqbal, 3OPPPresentation:3OPP-Shah_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Deploying a Network
What is the global best practice and what lessons from the World's best operations that can be applied in our region

What lessons can be learned from the rest of the World that can be applied in the MENA region. This section will briefly consider the take up of FTTH in the region and the World but then focus on best practice and lessons learned from leading markets and operators. What is relevant and irrelevant to the countries in our diverse region?



Moderator:Hartwig Tauber, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Dr Timothy F. Murray, OFSPresentation:TImMurray_FTTHMENA14.pdf
Elodie Santos, AGH ConsultingPresentation:N.A.
Jaume Salvat, AggarosPresentation:Jaume_Aggaros_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Lars Hagebris, NetadminPresentation:Lars-Netadmin_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Coffee Break & Exhibition Networking
FTTH’s Role in the Transformation of Telecoms
Leveraging the network

The most important trends all need seamless, high-speed networks.  Big Data, Cloud Computing, Fixed and Wireless convergence. High speed connectivity and high quality services are needed to cope with the rise of connected devices and machines across our homes and cities.

Moderator:Gamal Hegazy, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Wolfgang Fischer, CiscoPresentation:Cisco-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Ian Gordon Fudge, Fiber DKPresentation:Ian-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Fatima Mohammad Saleh, Etisalat Presentation:N.A.
Marc Van Quekelberghe, TcomNetPresentation:Marc_Comsof_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
FTTH Market Panorama and Global Ranking
How do we compare to leading countries and regions..and why!

The FTTH Market Panorama and the annual rankings will provide a benchmark for authorities around the world.  In this session, the FTTH MENA panorama and the global Fiber Councils will present a complete overview of the worldwide markets for broadband and FTTH.

MENA Panorama

Moderator:Andreas Krenn, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Roland Montagne, IDATEPresentation:IDATE_FTTHMENA_Panorama2014.pdf
Jawad Abbassi, Arab Advisors GroupPresentation:AAG_FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Global FTTH Panorama - FCGA Panel
Speakers:Heather B. Gold, FTTH Council AmericasPresentation:N.A.
Karih Ahl, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:FTTHEurope-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Bernad Lee, FTTH Council APACPresentation:FTTHAPAC-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Lunch Break & Exhibition Networking
Changing the mindset - Making the best decison
How to convince networks, operators and customers to go for the best and future proof solution

Ensuring the best return on investment for FTTH networks deployment is a key factor to protect the network business. Choosing the best solutions and technology for deployment and installation is very important for smart development avoiding expensive errors affecting the network business, the time to market, the service readiness and launch.
This section will describe innovations and solutions for FTTH deployment to help decision makers making the right and profitable choice. 

Moderator:Faiq Shahrouri, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Heinz Warkentin, CorningPresentation:Corning-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Martin Kellenberger, R&MPresentation:RM-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Bernard Lee, SenkoPresentation:SENKO_FTTHCMENA2014.pdf
Nazih Fattal, ZhonePresentation:Nazih-Zhone-FTTHMENA2014.pdf
Closing Session

2014 Event Success!

FTTH Council MENA has just concluded another huge success in its 6th annual 2014 event where the UAE is still leading the way in FTTH in the MENA region enabling Dubai and other cities to lead the way among the best smart cities in the world. Leaders of telecom took part of this event and celebrated the success of the UAE and the emerging smart city of Dubai. Check more data in the Press Release Here.

Thank You

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